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We are excited that you are interested in applying for Admission to UDC! Before you apply, please click on one of the applicant types below to ensure that you:

  • Apply as the correct applicant type
  • Are aware of all admissions requirements for your applicant type


Applications are being accepted for Spring 2018!!!

In addition to completing your online application, you will need to submit any supporting documents (i.e. official transcripts, test scores letters of recommendation, etc.) for your application type (First Year, Transfer, Readmit, Graduate, etc.).   The Application deadline for Domestic applicants is November 15.  International applicants who are not currently in the United States, can apply for Spring 2018, The deadline for international applicants is September 15.

Late Admission Application for Spring 2018!!!

To ensure consideration for Spring 2018 Admission, applicants that wish to enroll for spring will be required to apply in the Admissions Office and you must bring a complete application package to include ALL the required documents for your application type (First Year, Readmit, Graduate, etc.).

International applicants who are not currently in the United States, can only apply for following FALL term, however, the deadline for all required documents is APRIL 15. If you do not apply by the priority deadlines, please go to the appropriate links to determine what documents you must include for late admissions.

TRANSFER APPLICANTS: Applications submitted on or before November 15 will be processed for Spring 2018 term. Applications received after that date will not be accepted. Transfer applicants who miss the deadline are welcome to apply for following summer or fall terms.

UDC Serves Communities, Workers and Employers Through Educational Opportunities

Everyone on our campus is committed to education in its many forms and many uses. That includes programs at UDC for:

Students interested in workforce development or continuing education should visit the Community College website to review these programs’ admissions and enrollment policies and process. Other non-degree seeking students should continue below.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If the following criteria are true for you, then you are in the right place and can apply to UDC as a non-degree student:

  1. You want take Associate or Bachelor’s degree level courses at UDC, or you want to apply to one of UDC’s professional development programs.
  2. You are not seeking an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from UDC.
  3. You are not seeking financial aid from UDC.
  4. You are not on an F-1 visa.

If these guidelines for non-degree seeking students do not apply to you, please review the guidelines for transfer students, re-admit students, graduate students or international students.

Take the Next Step, Today!

Use this step-by-step admissions guide to learn more about UDC’s admissions standards and application requirements for non-degree seeking students.

Admission Deadlines

Application Priority Deadlines

Term US Students International Students
Fall May 15 Apr 15
Spring Oct 15 Sep 15
Summer Apr 15 Mar 15
No Graduate admissions for Summer term

Explanation of Admission Deadlines